First Test Day – Castle Combe

SR_J5941Included in the Caterham package, is a test day. This was the first chance to get the car on a circuit. A good opportunity to get a feel for it, and to actually do some “testing”. There’s not a lot you can play with within the regs, but tyre pressures and geometry are options, so we played with pressures. The car is great to play with on track, and incredibly SR_J8241engaging and raw. 125BHP goes a long way in something the size of a roller skate! As fun as it is to drive on the road, a motor racing circuit lets you really explore it.

We were blessed with ideal weather conditions, and split into grouped sessions. Being reasonably familiar with Castle Combe, the day was really focused on getting familiarised with the car on circuit. Without the grunt and rockhard suspension of the MX5, carrying speed is key, as well as smoothness.  Both skills that need to be developed and worked on!

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